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3 May 2022
Pitsou Kedem covers Hiba restaurant in Tel Aviv with geometric timber latticework
3 May 2022

working towards a more circular office


The company also provides extensive support to clients and their designers during the design, manufacturing and construction process. ‘We always try to keep three channels of communication open: with the client, the architecture or design team and the installation team,’ says Teodor Tudorică, the company’s head of design emphasising the importance of understanding various needs and challenges that can arise during a project. Since 2016, Craftwand® has worked with global architecture studio Hassel on SKY Central London, providing space dividers and integrating storage solutions for the 45,000-sqm media headquarters accommodating more than 3,500 employees. ‘Ever since completion, we have been in contact whenever they want to expand, change their spatial conditions or have new ideas, such as adding a cafeteria,’ says Wolf.


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