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11 April 2022
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11 April 2022

Win-win situation: Joulia’s energy-saving shower system


In modern, well-insulated homes, more than half of the heat demand is for hot water alone, and 50 to 80% of that is used for showering, explains Schmid. The European Commission recently declared the importance of reducing hot water consumption in the future, so it makes sense to take a closer look at this cycle. This has already been done many times, of course, but up until now, however, the focus has been on what lies in front of the shower head, not on the thermal energy that is still contained in the shower wastewater. A good twelve years ago, therefore, the idea of heat recovery below the shower tray was born. This was initiated as a project by the innovation factory Creaholic, which, like the spin-off company Joulia, which was founded from it – is based in Biel, Switzerland. Christoph Rusch, the current CTO and co-inventor of Joulia, came up with the idea. They presented their first product for sale in 2012, and the interest was immediately huge.


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