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16 January 2023
The Enduring Appeal of “Ugly” Design
18 January 2023

Will sustainability cause home fireplaces to burn out? | News | Architonic


<p>Long, white-tipped woodland walks, choosing between snowball battles or snowperson construction, or taking skates down to the local lake. Those in Northern countries will appreciate the appeal of a cold winter’s day. But the best part of an outing surrounded by snow and ice, perhaps, is the part where you come home.</p> <p>Just the thought of returning to a <a href="">roaring fire</a> and a hot (possibly chocolate-based) drink can warm up painfully frozen fingers and toes. But is there still room for this idyllic winter scene in our modern <a href="">carbon-neutral world</a>? Or should we bravely give up on hundreds of millennia spent obsessing over fire, for the good of the planet? Thankfully, these environmentally-friendly fireplaces and fuel-efficient practices mean we don’t need to make that choi…


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