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Why This Under-$50 Silk Pillowcase from Amazon Is the Best We’ve Tried


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We recently tested a large amount of silk pillowcases for our Best List, and while that is a celebration in and of itself, we have to talk more about our very favorite, the best overall winner, the MYK 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. “I’ve tested a variety of silk pillowcases,” says AT contributor Allie Arnold, “and this one (the 25 momme version) might be the best.”

Okay, wait…what is momme? Put simply, it’s a unit of measure used to gauge the heft and durability of woven silk. The higher the momme count, the higher the quality, and usually the higher the cost. In the case of this MYK pillowcase, which has a momme count of 25, it exceeds the average by far (which usually falls between 15 and 19) and the difference can be felt and even seen. “Me and my hair get a great night’s sleep with this pillowcase,” Allie says. “Usually after washing and air-drying my silk pillowcases, they get quite stiff and aren’t as soft, but this pillowcase remains silky soft to the touch and with less wrinkles!” When silk is thin and has a low momme count, be it 100 percent mulberry silk or otherwise, it tends to wrinkle, stiffen, encourage static, and show stains easily. Basically, momme count is everything when it comes to silk and this MYK pillowcase, despite its Amazon-low price, has a higher count than a number of luxury brands.

“The standard size fits my pillow perfectly,” Allie continues, “so it doesn’t move around and wrinkle. I also think its zipper closure keeps the pillowcase from moving around.” If you tend to find excess material, which can be typical with silk pillowcases, a well-fitted pillowcase can make all the difference. “It’s really easy to care for,” as well, Allie mentions. “It’s machine washable on a delicate setting and can be tumble-dried on low or air-dried, however I choose to air dry. It’s also an OEKO-TEX 100 Certified product and comes in a variety of color options,” and good ones too, we might add. Basically, “for a 25 momme pillowcase,” Allie says of her luxe-level quality MYK pick, “you can’t beat this price!”


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