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6 October 2022
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6 October 2022

Why The Office Still Matters For Fintechs


The best of both worlds

As the above examples demonstrate, there is huge opportunity for brand enhancement, employee engagement and cultural uplift through the redesign of physical workspace. Office redesigns can also support new ways of working like agile and hybrid working.

For Fintechs feeling the pull of remote working, but reluctant to abandon the office entirely, the hybrid working model can certainly provide a happy compromise. Offering the best of both worlds, hybrid working enables the freedoms and efficiencies of WFH, while retaining the stabilising influence of a central office hub and all its associated benefits.

By carefully balancing remote working with a physical space where people can come together, Fintechs can lay the foundations for future success. The office remains a critical component of company life and evolution. It enables Fintechs to pursue their growth ambitions, while supporting their people and facilitating the connections that really matter.


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