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Where to Buy Pom-Pom Bed Blankets


I’ll never forget my favorite sweater from my childhood. Knit by my beloved aunt, it was red and chunky and had one detail I absolutely loved: pom-poms. Life is just better with pom-poms. I don’t know why those small fluffy balls instantly add sunshine to the day, but they do. And while I might not be able to wear that sweater with its cheerful tufts anymore, I can parlay that joy into its grownup version: pom-pom throw blankets.

You have probably noticed these everywhere recently, whether on your Instagram feed or the shelves of your local Target. The trend is so prevalent that it’s reaching the status of “it” bed throw. Whatever your style is, there’s a pom-pom throw to match. It just depends on what colors, materials, and prints you choose. Stick to grays, oatmeals, and beiges if you like minimalism or farmhouse, or veer into hot pinks and bright oranges if you enjoy boho or eclectic decor. Whichever you choose, the unexpected texture from the pom-poms will add a little something special to your bedroom. Here are some of our favorite picks you can buy now.

Marlen Komar


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