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Where to Buy Kitchen Islands With Open Shelving


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Open shelving is either controversial or indisputably the best, depending on who you ask. People who have embraced it in their kitchens love that they can show off their wares and get more decorating real estate. Others hate the clutter and don’t think kitchen shelves need more knickknacks. Either way, it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

While open shelving is traditionally found in place of top cabinets, it’s now making its way down to the kitchen island. More and more people are embracing shelves on their work and prep stations, adding an unexpected element to the classic kitchen staple. These open shelves either appear in a small nook, giving you a little corner to decorate, or take over an entire side of the island, allowing you to stock it fully with bowls, pans, and decorative serving platters. Then there are those islands that throw out the blueprint entirely and look more like tables with rows of open shelving underneath.

Not only does adding shelving to a kitchen island give you more storage space, but it also makes the room feel a bit lighter and airier. An island — especially a big one — is a huge chunk of furniture, so it can add a lot of visual weight to a room. Shelves help lighten that load. 

Are you interested in trying out the trend? Here are some beautiful pre-fab islands you can experiment with.

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