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What Types of Space are Right for a Hypergrowth Business?

Why space planning is key for hypergrowth

When it comes to designing workplaces, most organisations have a series of complex systems. For example, a company typically has connected hardware (file storage, data centres, servers, printers, IoT sensors, “smart” appliances) within a physical infrastructure.

This building contains a workforce that uses tech (workstations, laptops, tablets, phones) to track departments and business operations (R&D, ops, sales, marketing, finances, HR, payroll, operations, accounting, IT). And today, the very definition of “workforce” is greatly expanding as companies connect employees and remote workers, contractors, vendors, and other partners into their workspace.

And this is just the shortlist. As you can see, this is a lot to organise and plan, particularly at scale when rapidly acquiring and integrating these elements. Understanding how these systems can work harmoniously with each other (as well as what doesn’t work) is the key to a robust workplace map.

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