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What To Consider Before Buying a Tiny Home


The tiny house movement is still rising in popularity, as it offers so many advantages. A smaller house will save you money, as it tends to cost much less and comes with lower maintenance fees. But before you decide to buy a tiny house, there are a few things to consider. This post brings out the advantages and disadvantages of owning a tiny home. Also, we will share some valuable tips and tricks for maximizing your storage space. 

Pros and cons

If you want to reduce your living costs, keep in mind that a tiny home comes with lower expenses. Buying a small house can cost much less than a standard one. Also, you will pay less for maintenance. With less square footage, taking care of your house is more straightforward. One of the many reasons homeowners decide to buy a tiny house is the fact that they can make the purchase without a large mortgage (and in some cases, without a mortgage at all). 

Rustic home that feels inviting (from Studio Buell)

On the other hand, a tiny home comes with some cons. With less living space available, you have certain limitations regarding the design and functionality. Also, keep in mind that a tiny home is ideal for two people. The house likely won’t provide privacy or have enough space to accommodate large families. 

If you love entertaining at home, a tiny house won’t easily accommodate your guests. You won’t have a kitchen large enough to prepare food for many people or have a large seating area where everyone can gather. 

Even though these houses are tiny, they might cost more per square foot. It is considered more complicated to build a small house, hence the cost could be higher than you might initially guess. Also, expect higher prices for furniture. Instead of the standard furnishings available in stores, you will need custom options that fit the exact dimensions.

A tiny home doesn’t have to compromise style (from The Spruce)

If you live in a standard house and want to move to a tiny one, you will have to downsize. Your sofa might not fit in the new home’s smaller living room. Similarly, your kitchen might not be large enough for your appliances. Therefore, you will need to get rid of many of your belongings to move to a smaller home.

Tiny yet charming home (from Houzz)

Storage hacks

Keeping a small space tidy can be quite challenging. But even though you’ll need to downsize to the bare necessities, a small space can work for your needs. There are so many hacks to help you maximize the storage space. Use every single inch of the available space and implement practical storage solutions. Consider under-stair storage, adding drawers for shoes, toys, or sports equipment. You can even fit a kitchen pantry in the small space under the stairs. Also, don’t overlook the vertical space and install open shelving for storage. 

When choosing furniture, it is better to go for multifunctional pieces that serve a double purpose. Seating with built-in storage drawers gives you plenty of space to tuck away any clutter. In the kitchen, you might not have enough room for cabinets and cupboards. In this case, you can hang some of the pots and utensils. In addition to saving space, displaying your pots adds charm to the kitchen. 

Rustic farmhouse style in a small space (from Houzz)
Smart storage options (from Houzz)
Smart storage options (from Houzz)
The stairs provide extra storage space (from Houzz)
Tiny house but impressive curb appeal (from Houzz)
Under the stairs space turned into a kitchen (from Houzz)
Divide the space into zones (from Unsplash)
Maximize the storage space (from Houzz)


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