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7 June 2022
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What Are They & Why Should You Use Them?



Today people value privacy and comfort more than anything else. As a result, workplaces have put in a lot of effort to ensure employee satisfaction. And implementation of Modern Office Partitions is one of the many initiatives. Amongst several types of partitions, one that many companies prefer is a demountable wall. To learn more about demountable walls, read on!

What are demountable walls?

Architectural walls that have the potential to be unmounted and then go in for installation in any location are called Demountable Walls. After unmounting these walls, you can put them in any layout as per your requirements. These walls are helpful, especially if you want a modular workplace. With full-height panels, they are an incredible choice. You can opt for them in various shapes, sizes, designs, and layouts.

What are the advantages of demountable walls?

  • These walls are economical and serve as a great alternative to conventional construction of interior walls.
  • They are capable of repositioning and reinstallation. 
  • The material that is used in building a demountable wall is reusable. This shows their sustainability.
  • They provide privacy by being a divider and partitioning two office spaces. But at the same time, these walls do not block the light from reaching the entire workspace.
  • Unlike traditional drywall, demountable walls are capable of noise mitigation more effectively.

What is the effective use of demountable walls?


The primary use of demountable partitioning is to offer individuals privacy by enclosing office cubicles. Privacy is something that people do not want to compromise. they make sure to make office spaces and cubicles a safe areas where employees can retire after a hectic meeting. Also, they help keep conversations and discussions private. It allows employees to focus rather than get distracted by outside noise and disturbances.


Businesses intend to change and grow over time. With years passing, you might hire new employees and need a bigger space or even more cubicles or board rooms. With traditional drywalls, you will need to tear them down and rebuild them. However, if you ever require to accommodate more rooms in your office area, using demountable walls is the best choice. The reconfiguration of these walls is easy and does not create any mess. Investing in demountable walls means investing in flexibility.


As mentioned earlier, the materials that go into the building of demountable walls are reusable. Therefore, these walls are sustainable in nature. Today, companies are pretty aware of maintaining LEED certificates and are mindful of their environmental footprint. Materials used in these walls eliminate harmful substances like VOCs or PVCs. One of the long-term benefits is that you can avoid landfills. Last but not least, installing demountable walls does not disrupt the office environment. There is no dust or mess during the entire process.

To Wrap Up

Today both the needs of employees and the office spaces are evolving intensely. To cope with these changes, architectural flexibility plays a significant role.

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