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24 April 2022
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25 April 2022

waterside properties with their own pool


Instead of wrapping the house around an internal courtyard pool, as Colo Crossings has, in the beach-edged town of Trancoso, Brazil, the House in Trancoso by David Bastos flips the switch by positioning itself right on top of the artificial shores of its own private beach.

Formed by a collection of six individual rustic huts, the house is separated by a network of connected wooden piers. As one moves through the floorplan, from hut to hut, they pass above a changing terrain of sand and foliage, through the shallows of the shore and onto a terrace at the home’s rear, jutting out into the centre of a vast, naturally-shaped pool.

Residents and their visitors can stand on the edge of the terrace, greeted by gentle water all around them, or swim across the pretend sea, where a floating sun-lounger encrusted pavilion awaits.


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