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4 April 2022
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4 April 2022

Wash All Your Bed Linens – Spring Cleaning Cure 2022


A few days ago, when you were cleaning out the space underneath your bed, you may have wondered why we didn’t tackle the bed itself. Well, I had my reasons and they were these: First, washing your bed linens takes time and I didn’t want you to feel overwhelmed at the very beginning of our time together! Second, I believe that the best time to wash your bed linens is first thing in the morning, on a day when you’re not dealing with work and kids and all the things (and you can actually remember to put the linens in the dryer and then take them out of the dryer). Finally, there are few antidotes to the Sunday scaries that are better than the feeling of freshly laundered sheets.

All of the above are why your Day 7 task is to wash all your bed linens — and I mean all of them. This is going to take some time, but most of it is just waiting for the washing machine. And while you wait, you can do other anxiety-busting activities, like making a to-do list for the week ahead, enjoying the view from your newly-sparkling window, or walking barefoot on your dust-free rug, just for example. 

Day 7: Wash all your bed linens.

You probably wash your sheets on a regular basis, but today we’re going to wash the linens you may not clean quite as often. These might include:

Many of these can go in the washing machine and even the dryer. Just remember not to overcrowd the dryer and to set the heat too low. Start with the linens you’ll put back on the bed first and finish with your sheets — and don’t forget to fluff the pillows! 

Treat yourself to an early bedtime, ideally with a good book (I’m currently obsessed with Richard Osman’s “Thursday Murder Club“). 

More ways to participate in the Spring Cleaning Cure:


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