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24 March 2022
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24 March 2022

Virtual winner's podium – the ICONIC AWARDS 2022: Innovative Interior (8/9) | News | Architonic


Does the ideal office actually exist? You only have to look in the archives of any specialist media on the topic to learn that the search for the perfect work situation is a perennial one. New methods of work such as design thinking are becoming established, the home office and remote working are becoming both more and more popular and necessary, while digitalisation is rapidly fuelling these developments. So how can New Work be shaped? Of course, it's clear that, on the one hand, the separation of work and leisure is extremely important to people. On the other, it is deeply anchored in our culture to work together as opposed to virtually. The physical encounter is usually the key to cohesion and identification with the company. Those who take into account the employees' needs for security and development will, in short, be rewarded with agile, creative and solution-oriented action. For these considerations, a framework is naturally needed. Interior concepts, <a href="https://www.archi…


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