How to Discover (and Name!) Your Interior Design Style
1 March 2022
10 Ways to Keep Falling in Love with Your Apartment
1 March 2022

Virtual winner's podium – the ICONIC AWARDS 2022: Innovative Interior (2/9) | News | Architonic


Why is colour so important, particularly in relation to interior design? Perhaps because by deciding on a colour – or on certain colour combinations – you greatly change the overall impression of an object. Of course, this also applies to the design of entire rooms. If you think of floors and walls, for example, you are dealing with very large surfaces whose colour effect can be enormous. A few years ago, I visited the Dutch designer <a href="">Hella Jongerius</a> in her Berlin studio and asked about her approach to colour. Jongerius has been advising the German-Swiss furniture brand <a href="">Vitra</a> for many years and defines, for example, new, subtle colour palettes for the classics in the manufacturer's range. But the task is not quite as simple as one might first imagine. ‘Sometimes it takes me several weeks to find the right colour,’ Jongerius openly admits. ‘I l…


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