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This Video Shows How Wildly Different Paint Samples Look in Different Light

It’s no secret that lighting impacts paint color, but one Instagram video highlights just how different a swatch can look in sunlight versus shade.

Using a gorgeous hue of pink to demonstrate the significant role light plays in appearance, Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY goes from a shaded side of the home to the sunniest to illustrate how perception of color changes depending on current lighting. 

When you’re adding color into design plans, its best to consider the predominant light source. The type — artificial, sun, or even candlelight — will drastically determine the way color appears. Don’t limit your decision to photos or paint chips; instead, pick up some sample sizes of the paint itself and paint it on different sections in the prospective area to help solidify your choice.

The complicated relationship between light and color has some design buffs opting out of colored walls and instead weaving it into their furnishings. Commenter @stephyphelps said, “I have lots of color in my house, but all white walls because of THIS! And even if you test it in every light, sometimes it still looks/feels different once it’s on all the walls.”

Mindell cosigned that sentiment, responding, “Definitely agree here, there’s just no way to ever know what it will look like when it’s on all walls because it’ll reflect on itself too! It’s SO hard!”

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