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This Nashville Home Was Designed by Country Music Royalty | Architectural Digest


On the other hand, Hannah’s favorite room in the house is the library. “John was interested in a more traditional, ‘darker’ aesthetic for the library, with floor-to-ceiling bookcases and heavier furniture,” she says. “The design does lend itself to being more masculine, but with lighter wood and modern pieces. Most importantly, it feels like a library, and works with the overall design of the house.” Although Pam disliked the darker elements of their old home, Hannah was able to use her design sensibility to make this palette work for the space and appeal to everyone’s aesthetics.

AFTER: The bed and side panels in the primary bedroom were custom-designed by Hannah and covered in Eskayel fabric. The floating side tables are from Etsy, and the sconces are from Circa Lighting.

Caroline Allison

Another significant change Hannah made to the layout was completely redesigning the area that had once been two kids’ bedrooms, connected by a bathroom, which became the primary suite. “Hannah reduced the size of one of the bedrooms and added two skylights, making it a perfect primary bath,” Pam says. “The other bedroom was expanded to serve as the primary bedroom, and the bathroom became two walk-in closets on either side of a hallway.”

AFTER: The floating cabinets in the primary bath were designed by Hannah, the tiles are from Popham Design, and the sconces are from Circa Lighting.

Caroline Allison


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