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As someone who meal preps every week for several private catering clients, I can suggest plenty of dishes to stow in the fridge that’ll make lunch and dinner less stressful. From turkey meatballs to massaged kale salads that taste better with time, I have some tricks up my sleeve… or apron, I should say. But none of my helpful meal prep tips mean anything without the proper containers to store it all.

Everyone knows that Pyrex makes incredibly durable food storage containers in addition to their timeless line of cookware and bakeware, and I recommend this 18-piece Pyrex set as the best one for weekly meal prep. The set has a variety of sizes to easily store all of the components for a handful of meals, and they may end up being the only containers you need at all. Bonus: The set is on sale right now on Amazon.

When it comes to weekly meal prep, it’s best to stay away from plastic. Fortunately, these glass Pyrex containers won’t warp on you like plastic will over time. And whereas plastic containers will absorb stains from sauces, glass stays as clean as new, with no traces of last week’s feast in this week’s meals.

These containers have a transparent finish, so you can find exactly what you need in the fridge with ease — and if you want to be extra organized, grab a roll of blue masking tape (a staple in restaurant kitchens) and a Sharpie, and get to labeling. Once you’re done cooking and prepping, you’ll feel really proud opening the fridge to see the aesthetically pleasing lineup of all of your delicious meals for the week. The sturdy glassware is even nice enough to eat from or use for serving dinner.

Worried about having room in the fridge for all this food? This Pyrex set includes varying shapes and cup capacities to accommodate any dish without taking up too much refrigerator real estate. Plus, they’re airtight, so everything from oven-baked salmon to crisp romaine stays super fresh. The color-coordinated lids help you stay super organized, too, if that’s your thing.

If you’ve thought about getting into meal prep (and inevitably saving money on takeout), let this be a sign. Even if you’re new to planning the week’s meals in advance, this set will have you prepping like a pro before you know it. Need a little bit more convincing? The set is currently on major sale on Amazon for $30 — that’s less than $2 per container! I can hardly, ahem, contain my excitement.


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