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This Highly Rated No Fuss Mop Cleans Floors Like A Dream


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The world of cleaning tools is vast, maybe even too vast. Sure, having options is great – there is a product for every specific cleaning need you could think of. But if you’ve ever spent time shopping for a new high-tech broom (they exist), the right floor duster (of the too-many-to-count models), or a Dyson vacuum (upright, handheld, cordless, the list goes on), there’s a good chance you got sucked down into the proverbial cleaning-aisle rabbit hole.

But here’s the thing: When you’re browsing through all of these cleaning greats, you can’t forget about the humble mop. Every home needs a good mop to get rid of those sticky spills and reveal tip-top shiny floors. And according to over 4,000 five-star Amazon ratings, the Eyliden twist mop is the only one you need, without a second thought. “This is by far the best self-squeezing mop I ever used,” writes one happy customer. Another comments, “We have gone through lots of mops, but this is the best one. Buy one and you’ll see what I’m talking about.”

Amazon shoppers are in love with this mop for good reason. First and foremost, the self-wringing design eliminates the worst part about mopping — even with gloves, we all know how unpleasant wringing a mop can be. One customer writes, “It is so easy to wring out and requires no stress on my hands when using the wringing method built into it… I also can control how much water I leave in the mop or wring it to almost dry if I want to do that at the end.”

It says a lot when shoppers are actually getting excited over a mop, of all things! Maybe it’s the two extra machine-washable reusable mop heads that are included. Or perhaps it’s the durability and sturdy design at a great price point. As another reviewer notes, “this mop is well designed! The materials are the best you can have.” We also can’t help but notice the hole above the handle for a wall hook. What can we say, we love a space-saving storage solution! With the compact, upright design, just hang it up in a closet wall for easy storage.

If you haven’t clicked “add to cart” yet, you’d better get to it — this twist mop is on sale right now! Take it from this happy shopper who writes, “I never thought I could get excited about a mop, but I have been proven wrong.” ‘Nuf said.

Buy: Eyliden Twist Mop, $22.89 (normally $29.99)


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