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The biggest transformation was the bedroom area, where Corey collaborated with Stand and Build to create a 14-inch platform that features deep drawers for storage. The slumber zone is separated from the rest of the home by a dramatic archway and flowy blackout curtains. “They basically act as a light barrier because I didn’t want to put in doors, but I’m really sensitive to light when I sleep,” she explains.

An oversized Andrew Neyer pendant hangs in the kitchen. “It’s quite large and I love that aspect of it,” Corey muses.

The previous tenant installed shelves using stone from the building’s parapet.

Stand and Build also crafted custom cabinetry for the tight-yet-functional kitchen, which is intentionally simple. “I chose plywood because I like the utilitarian look of such a common building material and they used a cool finish that’s water-repellent and durable,” Corey shares. “Kitchens are so trend-based in our industry. I wanted something that was trendless.”

Corey cleverly bought an under-counter refrigerator so she could fit a washer-dryer and a coat closet while still having a generous workstation to prepare meals. She loves to cook and host dinner parties, which is why she dedicated her living space to entertaining rather than lounging. It was so imperative that she had a dining table—specifically one made of mesquite wood to nod to her native Tucson, Arizona—that she forwent a sofa.


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