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If there’s one thing that can elevate the look, feel, and overall functionality of your space, from your kitchen to your bookshelves to your deepest, darkest closets, it’s proper lighting — but with so many options on the market, how do you know what to choose? Allow me to introduce these wireless LED touch lights by Brilliant Evolution. While over 2,000 positive reviews speak for themselves, it’s really the laundry list of features these little guys have that make them so special, from being remote- and touch-controllable to its dual (included) installation options.

To start, these Brilliant Evolution lights have an optional auto-off timer, which saves energy and money. You can set each light to turn off after 15, 30, 60, or even 120 minutes, and because the bulbs are LED, they’ll never need replacing. These lights, which come in packs of two or four, require three AA batteries, which should last for roughly 100 hours of run time (yes, you read that right — 100!).

We’re still going, by the way. The Brilliant Evolution lights are dimmable via their included remote controls, so you can set your perfect mood. For me, dimmability and warm white light are incredibly important. Like many other interior design nerds, I love the ambience that an incandescent bulb can provide, but I prefer LED for their long-lasting and energy-saving qualities. Since the Brilliant Evolution lights can, according to reviewers, be customized to “do just enough to illuminate everything you need to see without killing the mood” all by the light of a “warm, natural tone… not harsh or glaring,” I’ll be getting quite a few of these for myself.

Psst: Both the two-pack and four-pack are on sale now for 15 percent off their original price, plus an extra 5 percent when you click the coupon on the product page. Since these light strips have all the features I’ve been hunting for in wireless adhesive lighting, I plan on taking advantage of the sale ASAP — and I highly recommend you do, too.

Buy: Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Under Cabinet Light 4-Pack, $32.99 (on sale for $33.99, plus an additional 5% off with coupon)


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