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I don’t know if it was the break in the extreme humidity or an extra hour of restorative sleep last night, but I feel like I have a real pep in my step today. The previous weeks had me feeling like if I had one more mosquito bite or got stuck behind one more slow driver, I was going to combust. All the deep breathing and daily running just wasn’t cutting it. The climate—politically and in terms of weather—is easily creating extreme amounts of stress and anxiety, so I wasn’t surprised by the bad feelings. But I found a way to take action, get out of my sad sack, and now I want to celebrate small, joyful things.

From a giant inflatable dock to a delightfully tasty snack, sometimes these are important, everyday items to relish in. While I can’t guarantee these will actually bring you more fun in your life, it’s worth the attempt at positive feelings. So, here is a hodgepodge list of things that are getting me excited about the day.

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