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These are the Most Popular Wedding Movies


Is it a rom-com without a wedding? From Bridesmaids-centric plotlines to an accidental “I do!”, most of our favorite romantic movies typically involve a couple tying the knot.

The romance experts at Shane Co. have celebrated the start of wedding season by finding out the most popular wedding movies in America. Using Google Trends search data from the last five years, they determined which movie has been searched for the most in each state.

Early aughts rom-coms proved extremely popular nationwide, with loved-up classics like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” “Mamma Mia!,” and “Sweet Home Alabama” being the favorite in many different states.

Proving the most popular in eight different states, “Mamma Mia!” came out on top. Based on the hit jukebox musical of the same name, the movie stars Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Julie Walters, and Christine Baranski.

“Steel Magnolias” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” followed closely behind as joint second as the most searched-for movies in six different states, while surprisingly, “The Corpse Bride” was the most popular wedding movie in five states: Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas.

Movies about bridesmaids are always a popular choice, and 2011’s “Bridesmaids” is a firm favorite in the Midwest, coming in as the most searched-for wedding movie in Illinois, Minnesota, and Ohio. The romantic comedy features a star-studded ensemble cast (Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, etc.) and was set in Milwaukee. Another popular bridesmaid-centric movie is none other than “27 Dresses”. Starring Katherine Heigl as Jane, a bridesmaid for the 27th time, the 2008 classic is the most popular wedding movie in Idaho, Indiana, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

As for those that were favored in just one state, other popular wedding movies include “The Proposal,” “Love Actually,” “Monster-in-Law,” “Crazy Rich Asians,” “Runaway Bride,” and “Made of Honor”.


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