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These Are The Most Popular Paint Colors To Use In Every Room


If you can’t decide on which color to paint the different rooms in your home, why not ask an interior designer? But if you’re on a budget, why not ask Google instead?

Living Cozy has published a study identifying the most popular paint colors for each room of the house based on worldwide Google searches in the past year. Across all rooms, green has been the most-searched color, ranking in the top three colors for every room. It is also the most popular hue used in living areas, nurseries, lofts, and dining rooms. As for specific shades, the most desired ones are sage, olive, and emerald.

With the past two years being so stressful, it’s no surprise that homeowners have gravitated towards the color green, which can uplift a room and connect it to nature. 

“Green is a color of spiritual healing and the heart chakra,” spiritual expert Inbaal Honigman told Living Cozy, who also advised using the hue in the bedroom, “to make us feel loved while we’re asleep.”

Meanwhile, the colors white, blue, and black, are also popular choices. For white, it’s the top choice for kitchens, having received over 889,500 annual Google searches — the highest search total in the entire study. It is also the favorite for pantries and home offices.

“White and pale shades of green and blue are all colors that are light and airy, to make us feel lighter and capable in the kitchen environment,” said Honigman. “They’re also colors that give the illusion of more space, as a vast kitchen makes us feel like we have lots of options, which promotes creativity.”

For blue, homeowners like to apply it in the laundry room and basement, since shades of light blue, turquoise, and aqua can add personality to rooms that are often dark and dreary. As for black — especially shades of charcoal and dark grey — it is the most popular paint choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.

“It has been thought that dark bedroom wall colors can help facilitate a good night’s sleep, by reducing the amount of active energy in the room and the amount of light absorbed during the day,” said Living Cozy. 

The site added: “Black bathroom ideas are stylish, modern and chic, and are taking over the traditional chrome and gold colors that have dominated bathroom design for years.” 

You can see the full list of favorite colors below for each room.

The Most Popular Kitchen Colors

The Most Popular Bedroom Colors

The Most Popular Bathroom Colors

The Most Popular Living Room Colors

The Most Popular Nursery Colors

The Most Popular Dining Room Colors

The Most Popular Loft Colors

The Most Popular Porch Colors

The Most Popular Pantry Colors

The Most Popular Home Office Colors

The Most Popular Laundry Room Colors

The Most Popular Basement Colors


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