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These Are the American Streets That Are Filmed the Most


Shooting on location has become an extremely common way of filming a movie, opting for real-life settings rather than the inside of a big Hollywood studio. So if you’ve ever been walking down a street for the first time and thought it looked familiar, but couldn’t quite figure out why, it may be because it had a starring role in one of your favorite movies or television series.

American Home Shield decided to find out the most-filmed streets in the United States, analyzing shooting location data from IMDb to figure out which areas have the most street cred (pun definitely intended.)

The most iconic streets are the ones that are used in Hollywood blockbusters time and time again, from the bright lights of New York City’s Broadway to the glamour of Rodeo Drive, one of the most affluent streets in Beverly Hills. But which locations came out on top?

Hollywood Boulevard was found to be the most-filmed street in the United States, appearing in 133 movies and TV shows between 1900 and 2020.

In second place is Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard with 64 filming credits, including “Almost Famous” and “La La Land”. Taking the bronze medal for the most-filmed street in the United States is Park Avenue in New York City with 61 filming credits, appearing in hits such as “Sister Act” and “Catch Me If You Can”. ln fourth place is Broadway in Manhattan with 51 filming credits, while 5th Avenue follows closely behind and rounds out the top five with 46 credits.

The study found that Los Angeles and New York City were, unsurprisingly, the top two filming locations in the U.S. Nine out of the ten most filmed streets are in NYC or LA, and 44 out of the top 50 are in the states of California or New York.

As for the popular streets not located in NYC or LA, San Francisco’s Market Street and New Orleans’ Bourbon Street are ever-popular filming locations.


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