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Few holidays exist with the sole purpose of confronting a global crisis, but Earth Day, created in 1970, has persisted. Founded by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, as a day to educate the population about environmental issues, April 22 has since been adopted as a global celebration. And over the past few years, with an uptick in destructive wildfires, floods, and tornadoes, the need to take extra care of our planet has become more poignant than ever. Luckily, some of the world’s most renowned architects are taking action against climate change with stylish designs that boast net-zero emissions.

A net-zero emissions building is extremely energy-efficient, as it produces enough carbon-free renewable energy to be self-sufficient. And these creatives, with their freshly debuted sustainable buildings around the world, are setting a new gold standard when it comes to net-zero emissions architecture. From San Diego to Copenhagen, the environmentally conscious structures making waves across the world stage are the perfect way to ring in Earth Day, this year.


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