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The Ultimate Cafe Curtain Rails, Wardrobe Rods, and Other Household Hardware from Mark Lewis Interior Design

When London interior designer Mark Lewis says he cares about the nuts and bolts, he means that literally. A while back, after finding it hard to source things like traditional shelf brackets, he began producing them himself and offering them on his website’s Home Store.

A surprise element is that many of the pieces in his Home Store are made of bronze. “It’s stronger than brass and less brittle than iron,” Lewis explains. “Our bronze hardware is cast by hand (in a British foundry) using the green sand casting process. This leaves a textured finish on the surface, which means there’s variation from piece to piece. Fresh from the foundry, it’s a bright gold, which, left unfinished, naturally oxidizes over time—in a few months the color mellows to a deep brown. Brass is more yellow in comparison; we like the extra warmth you get from bronze.”

Here’s a look at some of his shop’s new offerings, several of which were designed for the firm’s latest townhouse project: see Making History in Primrose Hill.

Cabinet and Drawer Pulls

Above: Lewis’s look is homey and orderly with an unmistakable English accent. He specializes in sourcing vintage elements and using reclaimed materials. Moray Drawer Pull Handles, Cast Bronze, £145,  shown here in the Primrose Hill kitchen, are made to order.
Above: “Each handle comes with six solid brass vintage screws, but is un-drilled. Your joiner should fix as they see best.” For details on the cabinet finish, see Making History.
two piece moray cabinet pulls are £145. 11
Above: Two-piece Moray Cabinet Pulls are £145.
cast bronze round knobs are £17.50 f0r the little size (shown), and £ 12
Above: Cast-bronze Round Knobs are £17.50 f0r the Little size (shown), and £22 for the Large.
for panel ready dishwashers, the moray dishwasher pull handle, cast bronze is & 13
Above: For panel-ready dishwashers, the Moray Dishwasher Pull Handle, Cast-Bronze is £145.

Shelf Brackets

bronze shelf brackets are a signature mark lewis design. this is the new 4 inch 14
Above: Bronze shelf brackets are a signature Mark Lewis design. This is the new 4-Inch Little Chap, £28
the 12 inch pantry bracket is £74. 15
Above: The 12-Inch Pantry Bracket is £74.

Cafe Curtain Rods

Above: Lewis’s Café Curtain Rails, from £47, are made of solid brass and can be used for hanging half curtains or below-counter skirts.
the brass rails pair with café curtain rail brackets, £19.50. 17
Above: The brass rails pair with Café Curtain Rail Brackets, £19.50.

Wardrobe Rods

a sapele wardrobe rail, from £20, with a bronze wardrobe rail wall socket 18
Above: A Sapele Wardrobe Rail, from £20, with a bronze Wardrobe Rail Wall Socket, £12.50.
above the sapele rods also pair with bronze wardrobe rail suspended brackets, & 19
Above The sapele rods also pair with bronze Wardrobe Rail Suspended Brackets, £36.
the wardrobe rail suspended end bracket is £36. it pairs with a 25 millim 20
Above: The Wardrobe Rail Suspended End Bracket is £36. It pairs with a 25 millimeter in diameter rod, such as the Sapale Wardrobe Rail.

Here are some more design details by Mark Lewis:

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