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It’s practically a cliché to assert that a house is a character in a TV show. But in the case of the Ozark house, the lakeside residence has served as an important touchstone amid three-and-a-half dramatic seasons in which the Byrde family (led by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney) launder money for a Colombian drug cartel in a Missouri vacation town. Now, ahead of the Emmy-winning Netflix series’ last batch of episodes (premiering April 29), the cast takes fans behind the scenes in a new Netflix video to share their favorite memories and reveal how much the place has meant to them.

“The house has always been constant and consistent in the story,” says Sofia Hublitz, who plays teen daughter Charlotte. “It signifies their unity and togetherness as a family.” Her onscreen brother Skylar Gaertner seconds her thoughts, “It’s kind of bizarre this is one of the last times I’m actually going to walk through this place. A lot of pivotal things have gone down right here.”

Midwest setting aside, the 2,513-square-foot, split-level home—distinctive for its midcentury style and array of floor-to-ceiling windows—is actually located on a spacious 1.27-acre parcel on Gaines Ferry Road in Flowery Branch, Georgia. Ozark executive producer and showrunner Chris Mundy tells Architectural Digest that he and the location scouts fell in love with the place as soon as they saw it back in 2016. “It’s so unusual looking,” he says. “And with those windows, you get to see the water no matter which direction you point the camera. One of the most distinctive aspects of Ozark is the feeling of the water all the time. We could have built an interior on a soundstage, but we wanted that water.”

Jason Bateman as Martin “Marty” Byrde (left) and CC Castillo as Sheriff Guerrero during the first part of season four of Ozark.

Photo: Steve Dietl/Netflix © 2022

Special touches are featured throughout the interior as well. For those Byrde family photos displayed on the wall along the staircase, the actors posed at a studio at the start of the show’s production. “[The photographer] said, ‘Get a little bit closer, a little bit closer!” Gaertner recalls. He also jokes that he ate way too many snacks out of the kitchen. And notice that no cars are parked inside the dimly lit messy garage—that’s where Bateman’s Marty plots his work and once explained money laundering to his impressionable young son.

Still, considering the Byrdes’ ultra-dangerous and secret business, why did their house stay so transparent with all those shade-less windows? “That’s a very, very good question,” Mundy says. “We did install an alarm. But the Byrdes really should have invested in some drapes.”


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