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4 April 2022
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4 April 2022

The Organized Pantry: Designer Kara Mann Launches a New Line of Pantry Storage Staples

We’ve been known to get a little worked up over pantry storage and organization (as anyone who’s read our book The Organized Home or visited its companion site can attest), so we were quite happy when we discovered that Kept, designer Kara Mann’s collection of utilitarian goods for the home (hampers, hangers, dish towels, and more), just launched a line of pantry storage products.

Of course, one can have a perfectly well-organized pantry using repurposed tomato sauce and jam jars (as many of us on staff do), but there’s something to be said for uniformity—especially if your pantry staples are displayed on open shelves. “It took me forever to put a pantry together that I was happy with—from finding the right products to living through all the mistakes along the way,” Kara tells us. Lucky for us, her mistakes have led to this elegant-looking collection of pantry storage wares.

Here’s a peek.

Above: Kept’s Italian-made glass Pantry Jars are priced from $10 to $15. There are four different heights, but all have the same diameter.
we like the modern, streamlined font kara chose for kept
Above: We like the modern, streamlined font Kara chose for Kept’s labels. A pack of Kept Pantry Labels includes 42 oil- and water-resistant pre-typed pantry staple labels plus 18 write-in labels; $20.
Above: A stainless steel wide-mouth Pantry Funnel makes decanting a breeze; $20. (A separate Pantry Scoop is $22.) For tips on decanting properly, see The Organized Pantry: 8 Rules for Decanting Dried Goods.
kara designed these rattan and bamboo den baskets for cb2 but they
Above: Kara designed these rattan and bamboo Den Baskets for CB2 but they’re also available on the Kept website; $40 to $60.
kept offers bundles of pantry products, ranging from a 13 piece starter set fo 14
Above: Kept offers bundles of pantry products, ranging from a 13-piece Starter Set for $131 to its 51-piece Completely Kept Pantry Set for $745.

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