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The One Thing You Should Always Do Before a Group Yard Sale


Springtime evokes a craving for all things new, which often includes giving living spaces a refresh. That sense of renewal usually means cleaning thoroughly while culling through items that accumulated over the past year, which can mean extra cash if you decide to sell what you don’t want to keep. If you’re looking to purge things while making a bit of money, a great way to do so is to have a garage sale.

But before you start planning a strenuous, solo event, think about gathering your friends for a group yard sale. Chances are they’re in the same decluttering mode, and doing things with friends can be more fun. However, before you set a date, tag your items, and start advertising, there’s one thing you need to think about: dividing up responsibilities. 

Of course, you may be the mastermind behind the event, but while you’re having to sort through and price your items, think about ways you can divvy up jobs so you’re not stuck hosting, promoting, and managing the event. Once you invite others to be part of it, they’ll probably be excited to pitch in and help. I know because I’ve hosted many successful group yard sales throughout the years (and yes, it’s more fun!), so here are my tips on which responsibilities you can dole out to others. 

Although it’s perfectly acceptable for you to host the event at your home, holding the garage sale in another location may be wise. When choosing a spot, think about whose house gets the best traffic and has enough outdoor space to accommodate the event. Also, the host will need to let yard sale participants use their restroom, so think about who wouldn’t mind lending their indoor space for folks to go to the bathroom or allow a child to nap safely inside if necessary. 

Designate someone to make and hang signs.

If one of the sellers is incredibly crafty or has a group of willing teenagers, task them with making eye-catching signs. Signage should include the words “yard sale” along with the date, time, location, and directional arrow. They should also hang posters at intersections to lead purchasers to the sale, but just be sure to remove the signs after the event.

Have someone promote the event digitally.

Many people rely on social media and other digital means to find yard sales, so have a tech-savvy participant promote your garage sale online. List the sale on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and local Facebook yard sale pages. Additionally, ask each person to post the event on their social media — personal Facebook pages and Instagram stories work exceptionally well for this.

Determine who is in charge of the details.

There’s a lot to think about on yard sale day, so someone needs to decide how the day will flow and be the point person. If you don’t feel comfortable being in charge, see if another organized friend wants to take the lead. This person will need to decide details, such as when people can start setting up and designating a space for each seller.

Additionally, this person needs to remind everyone to secure enough tables, bring plenty of bags, and head to the bank for small bills. Inevitably, the first few buyers will probably show up to the event with $20 bills, so being able to make change is a must. With a bit of planning, you and your friends can have a successful group yard sale while creating memories and earning a bit of cash, all while decluttering your homes.


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