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The New Work Project is a monochrome co-working space in Brooklyn


The New Work Project co-working space in Williamsburg

A shared workspace for creatives has opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with minimalist black and white interiors and gold-toned accents.

The New Work Project is the brainchild of The New Design Project, a studio founded by Parsons graduates Fanny Abbes and James Davison.

Reception area
The stark colour scheme of The New Work Project becomes apparent upon entering the reception area

Having worked in finance for a time, the duo returned to their design roots to set up the co-working space in a converted foundry building, and craft its interiors.

They describe it as “a place for like-minded people to come together in an environment that is personal and intimate, and designed for collaboration”, adding that the space is “individually designed to inspire, stimulate, promote creativity and facilitate fluid working”.

Open-plan seating
Members can choose from a variety of seating options in the open-plan space

A largely monochrome theme is followed through the space — from walls and door frames to furniture to artworks — with light fixtures, flooring and decorative plants adding some colour.

“Bold accents of black and gold are carried throughout the space with an overall modern approach to the design,” said the founders. “Clean lights are beautifully accentuated with track lighting against the white interiors.”

Meeting table against black wall
Caned modernist chairs accompany a large meeting table

The stark palette is evident immediately upon entering into a vestibule painted black on its three sides and ceiling.

A reception desk has a pale marble top cut into an angular shape, and is lit by a thin linear fixture that runs up the wall and across the ceiling to form a 90-degree angle.

Open-plan desks and marble bar
Desks are arranged in U-shape configurations opposite a marble bar

Beyond is a lounge area, where four black-framed modernist chairs with caned backs and seats face a large upholstered ottoman.

The dark central seating sits on a pale grey rug, as do a pair of styled coffee tables on either side.

Conference room
Private conference rooms can be booked for meetings

A larger meeting table surrounded by the same caned chairs is positioned in front of a series of private conference rooms, which are available for members to book for meetings.

There’s also a trio of phone booth-style rooms from which individuals can take calls.

Phone booths
Phone booths offer privacy for individual calls

“The intimate ’boutique’ space creates a community environment while also creating a place for work and productivity,” the founders said.

The remainder of the co-working space is open plan, with light wood flooring throughout and white on all of the walls except those painted black at each end.

Tables are laid out in U-shape configurations, divided by black-tinted glass partitions where they face one another.

Three-branched brass lights hang overhead, while lamps with globe-shaped bulbs are placed on each desk.

Black table with gold accent and a black chair
Gold-toned accents are found throughout the space

A marble bar, accompanied by a line of black stools, separates this work area from a kitchen for members to prepare and eat food.

Some of the building’s original steel columns are left exposed, their rough surfaces contrasting with the white walls and marble counters.

Coffee table detail
The monochrome scheme continues down to artworks and styling

New York City has no shortage of co-working spaces. Many are similarly using design to entice members, like The Malin that recently opened in Soho.

Our latest lookbook rounds up 10 shared workspaces around the world that offer a reprieve from the home office.

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