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The Most Popular Paint Colors of 2022, According to Backdrop


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Backdrop has revealed their most popular colors of the year, and according to co-founder Natalie Eber, the results show that we’re all trying to reconnect with nature and are pretty consistent about it.

“Interestingly, we are seeing a lot of consistency from 2021 into 2022,” Eber told Apartment Therapy. “The past two years during the pandemic we saw a few key trends: customers craving nature and escapism while being mostly in place, and using color as a vehicle to create that kind of atmosphere in their homes.”

Here are Backdrop’s most popular colors for 2022:

Backdrop’s most desired color. It’s described as a dark dutch green that pairs well with leather bound books and brandy. While the color would suit a home office, we think it’s so versatile, it would look great in any room.

An earthy pink that will take you to the bustling souks of Morocco; it’s a subdued hue you can use as an accent or use for an entire room to give it energy. According to Eber, the popularity of colors like 36 Hours in Marrakesh stems from our need to feel the outdoors during a period when we’re stuck indoors. 

“It’s no coincidence that we are seeing a rise in earth tones and colors that reference nature,” she said. “It’s something we have all been craving over the past few years.”

You can’t go wrong with neutrals, and Harvest Moon is no exception. A soft shade of white with a hint of yellow, this color can add warmth to any room while being easy to pair with more colorful accents.

A fun color to infuse a funky personality to a space. Think 90s Kids aesthetic. Backdrop describes Gin Blossoms as, “a warm, elevated lilac that makes you happy—but the particular, grounded sort of happiness you feel after you’ve been through it.”

A warm, earthy terracotta that would look great as a backdrop (no pun intended) to your houseplant collection, or even used alongside the other four popular colors mentioned above. 

If you’re struggling to decide on which colors to use for your home (they’re all so lovely), Eber leaves us with a pro tip: “We always recommend to our customers to go with their gut. There are no hard and fast rules. Ultimately, it’s their space and it can change as often as they do. So, don’t be too precious and explore. When you decide you’re ready for the next change, it’s just a quick gallon of paint away.”


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