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The Essentials: How to Host the Best Brunch at Home for Spring


The most important part of planning a brunch is the food (DUH). What are you serving? And make sure you have enough for everyone. My favorite menu items include eggs, quiches, french toast, and specialized drinks. I would recommend a buffet-style brunch. That way it takes the pressure off yourself. There’s no need to wait on anyone. They can help themselves to their brunch cravings. Now that we got dresses out of the way. Here’s a round-up of all the essentials you need to host. I’ve included everything from serveware to home decor.

You can elevate your brunch to the next level by choosing a theme. Throw a cozy pajama party or a spring garden party. Then decorate your brunch according to your theme to set the mood of your brunch. I hope you found this blog helpful. Let me know how your next brunch goes! ?




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