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The Brightland Vinegar We’ll Be Using All Spring


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Last summer, when editor-loved olive oil brand Brightland launched its limited-edition LUSH strawberry vinegar, bottles sold out fast. Really, everything that Brightland releases, from infused vinegars to classic extra virgin olive oil, ends up a pantry staple for a reason. And we have great news: Brightland just released a brand new, limited-edition ramp vinegar that’s available online starting today.

So what are ramps anyway? They’re a seasonal allium with leafy green tops and a small onion-like bulb at the root end. They look almost like scallions and taste like a sweet shallot and zingy garlic clove packed into one. They’re only available between March and May, so look out for them at the farmers’ market right now while they’re around. Given the short harvest time, ramps are a frequently sought-out ingredient that chefs love to include on seasonal menus and specials. But leave it to Brightland to capture the one-of-a-kind, onion-forward flavor for us to savor year-round.

These particular ramps are sourced from Lindera Farms, and the collaboration has been almost two years in the making. In fact, Brightland reserved a portion of the Virginia grower’s 2021 ramp harvest for a slow ferment that is finally ready for tasting. The small-batch, slow fermentation process makes for a complex, flavor-packed vinegar with elevated notes of all your other favorite alliums — think garlic, shallots, spring onions, and leeks.

We can’t wait to stir this ramp vinegar into salad dressings for grain bowls, marinades for grilled chicken, and Bloody Marys at brunch. With only a limited number of bottles available, we recommend you order yours ASAP before it’s gone.


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