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The Best Editor-Tested Electric Kettles You Can Buy in 2022


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Gone are the days of waiting impatiently by the stove for water to boil and subsequently forgetting about it. Electric kettles boil water quickly and more safely than their stovetop counterparts, and once I started using one, there was no turning back. But with so many models on the market, it can be difficult to pick out the absolute best electric kettle. That’s why we did it for you. Whether you’re a coffee or tea drinker, want something simple or with all the bells and whistles, we have just the perfect electric kettle for you.

The Best Electric Kettles

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Kettle

Purchasing an electric kettle can be tricky because of the wide variety of models and settings available. From the type of spout to size and temperature options, there are a lot of features to consider when selecting the best kettle. Knowing how you’ll be using your kettle will help to determine the features that will be most important to look for.

Types of Electric Kettles

Stainless steel: While you can’t watch water boil in a stainless steel kettle, they’re often more durable than glass.  

Glass: One of the perks of glass kettles is that you can see directly inside to check the status of the water and evaluate whether your kettle needs a good clean. The glass also creates an illusion of taking up less space, which is great for small kitchens. 

Gooseneck: The long, thin spout on a gooseneck kettle allows for precise pouring, which is especially useful for making pour-over coffee.

Standard: For those looking for a basic boil, a standard electric kettle is the way to go. There’s no frills here – at the press of a button, the kettle will reach a boiling point.

Variable temperature: These kettles have several temperature presets or the ability to select a specific temperature within a wide range.

Temperature controls: Whether you opt for a standard kettle that simply brings water to a boil or a variable-temperature kettle depends on what you’ll use your electric kettle for. If you’re looking to have more precise control over water temperature for making tea and coffee, a variable-temperature kettle is the way to go. For these you’ll want to make sure that it’s easy to select a temperature and that any presets are ones you will use.

Pour spout: Gooseneck spouts are most popular for their pouring precision, while large, traditional spouts come with more pouring power. Whichever you choose, you’ll want to keep an eye out for those that leak when poured — this is more common for kettles with larger spouts.

Safety: Many kettles will automatically shut off once they reach a boiling point or the desired temperature, which is an important safety feature to look for. You’ll also want to look for kettles that remain cool when heated to avoid burns when being handled or poured.

What We Look for in an Electric Kettle

We tested a range of electric kettles, from standard to variable and stainless steel to glass, judging them on the following criteria:

The Best Electric Kettles

Out of all of the electric kettles we tested, the Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch Electric Kettle Pro takes the cake as our best overall option (and I’m not the only one who’s in love with it). It’s an excellent multipurpose kettle with six preset temperatures, including one for coffee and another for warming a baby bottle (there are also instructions on how to use the boil setting to clean the bottle). One of my least favorite things is waiting for pasta water to boil, and with its large 1.5-liter capacity, this kettle easily cuts down the time it takes to whip up a a pasta dish. Thanks to its double-walled body, the kettle retains heat while the exterior stays cool, and it also has the ability to hold a temperature up to 30 minutes. Bonus: You can keep your counter clutter-free with hidden cord storage in its base.

Who It’s Best For: Those who want a versatile kettle; those with kids.

*Honorable Mention: If you like the look and feel of the Zwilling but don’t need the temperature presets or ability to hold a temperature, the Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch Kettle is nearly identical to the pro version but at a lower price point.

Our best option for those not looking to make a huge investment on a kettle is adorable, easy to use, and impressively well made for its low price. Commerce writer Erin got this Amazon Basics Electric Kettle during her time in London and quickly realized that “purchasing this small appliance has hands-down been the best decision I’ve made for my kitchen, well beyond just using it for tea!” Erin recalls learning about the versatility of a good electric kettle from her British housemates. “If they were making pasta,” she says, “they’d boil water in the kettle first, then pour that water into the saucepan for even speedier meal prep. Now that I use this method myself, I can confidently say it is much better (and faster!) than waiting for a pot of water to boil.” This model’s also got a water-level window for quick reference and its stainless exterior is effortless to clean. If reliability in an affordable kitchen essential is worth liking, this kettle’s worth loving.

Who It’s Best For: Those looking for a budget-friendly kettle; those wanting a standard kettle for boiling water.

Good to Know: This kettle doesn’t have the bells and whistles of higher-priced models, like customizable temperatures, but it still has the essential safety features.

When it comes to making coffee, the Fellow Stagg EKG once again takes the prize. It was designed for creating the perfect cup with to-the-degree temperature control, a brew stopwatch, and a beautifully designed gooseneck spout for precision. I make a pour-over coffee nearly every morning, and the Stagg EKG has been a total game changer for my routine. I was previously using the stovetop version of the Fellow Stagg but now can’t imagine brewing a morning cup without the EKG’s precise temperature control and brew stopwatch. This is also one of the best looking electric kettles I’ve seen — and for about $30 more you can add to its design by selecting a kettle with a maple or walnut handle (which I opted for). Oh, and for those new to pour-overs, the box includes a guide to help you up your coffee game.

Who It’s Best For: Those who want to make the perfect cup of coffee; those who prefer a gooseneck kettle; those who want a stylish kettle.

With six temperature presets for various types of tea and a removable infuser for loose-leaf tea, the Hamilton Beach Variable Temperature Kettle is the ideal match for any tea lover. You can steep tea right inside the kettle, thanks to its 30-minute temperature hold. AT editor Megan loves this kettle because it’s made out of glass — which means no water touches plastic and she can easily see when the kettle needs a good clean. She’s been using this quick-heating kettle for tea (and an occasional cup of coffee) since 2019 and says it still works like new.

Who It’s Best For: Those who like loose-leaf tea; those looking for a glass kettle.

Good to Know: The infuser can be used not only for loose-leaf tea, but also for tea bags, if you want to avoid the cleanup!

The OXO Adjustable Temperature Kettle is our pick for the best temperature control model. It has an easy-turn dial that can heat the kettle to any temperature between 170 and 212 degrees. “I definitely prefer this dial base versus the temperature kettles with presets on the handle because I think it looks a lot cleaner when displayed on my counter,” says commerce writer Erin. “I also love being able to pick a specific temperature so I’m not burning my delicate green or jasmine tea, but I can make sure that it’s hot enough for brewing coffee in my French press.” Another feature that Erin frequently uses is the 30-minute temperature hold. “I’m someone who boils water in my kettle first thing in the morning and then I usually have to boil it again because I take a while getting ready before I pour my tea or coffee. I love that I can turn this kettle on and not feel rushed to get to it as soon as it boils.” While the kettle is quite large, Erin likes that the glass doesn’t make her kitchen look too cramped, and she often uses its large capacity to boil water for pasta.

Who It’s Best For: Those who want precise control over water temperature; those who prefer glass; those who want a large-capacity kettle.

Good to Know: This is by far one of the easiest kettles to use — simply turn the dial to the desired temperature, and press the large circular button to begin heating.


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