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The Average American Attempts to Declutter Their Home 4 Times a Year, According to a New Study


Spring is upon us, which means its almost time for the annual big ol’ spring clean. And while it’s a given that cleaning a tidying doesn’t just come around once a year, it turns out that the average American attempts to declutter their home four times a year.

A recent survey organized by OnePoll on behalf of Opendoor has revealed that half of people (49%) feel there has been less available space in their home since the pandemic began, meaning they opt to free up some space with a regular declutter. 42% attribute the scarcity of free space to stockpiled essentials, while more than a third of people (38%) say that it’s because of a new hobby that requires more room—including electronic equipment, crafting supplies, and pet-related items.

With many people still working from home and the bedroom doubling as an office for a lot of those that work remotely (myself included), it’s no surprise that, out of the 5,000 people that responded to the survey, 28% wish they could increase the size of their bedroom and 32% have transformed their bedroom into a storage room. The increased need for space-saving solutions in one of the home’s primary rooms has also prompted the desire to pack up, with 55% saying they’d move house this year given the opportunity, suggesting 2022 may be another year of resizing and relocating for Americans.

“While people sometimes have differing opinions on the moving process, most of those polled agreed that budget is often their biggest barrier to moving or buying a home,” said Beatrice de Jong, Consumer Trends Expert for Opendoor. “However, people can also face additional expenses they may not have planned for, including home repairs, double mortgages and double moves. Combining buying, selling, and closing all in one transaction can help alleviate some of the moving stress.”


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