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12 March 2022
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12 March 2022

Style School: Painting a Fabric Headboard


Part of the fun of interior design is that your home’s style is constantly evolving. That also means that occasionally a piece you love doesn’t really work anymore. We like to think of those moments as opportunities for more creativity.

There are few design bloggers more creative than Amanda Walker, who can turn old televisions into art and awkward corners into cozy reading nooks. She’s been redoing her family’s Dallas home in a modern organic style, with earthy tones, natural accents, and some seriously stunning DIYs. Amanda’s working on her bedroom now, and the gray upholstered headboard she bought a few years ago doesn’t jibe with her new vision for the space.

We partnered with Toyota to show you Amanda’s solution for an easy update. The first-ever Toyota Corolla Cross has a style as unique as yours, with elegant design and extraordinary details like wireless charging and touchscreen entertainment. It combines modern style with enough cargo space for big home projects, making it the perfect partner for any home makeover — and meaning you can bring any DIY vision to life in just one trip.

Of all rooms, the bedroom might be the most important place to think about how the space feels. Amanda knew she wanted hers to feel warm and serene, which is why her headboard’s cool gray tone didn’t work anymore. She decided on a grounding cream-and-brown color palette, with stripes to create visual interest and texture.

“I still love the shape of the headboard, but the gray doesn’t fit the organic vibe of the room,” Amanda says. “I’m using a cost-effective way to update it and giving it a custom look by painting stripes on it.”

Whatever the project, Amanda says, “Take it one step at a time to bring your vision together.” Painting fabric, while still fairly easy, is different from painting walls or furniture. The material will soak up paint, so plan to do several coats to achieve the look and effect you want.

That’s Amanda’s design mantra. “Don’t be afraid to take risks,” she says. Of course, that also means embracing the inevitable mistake: “DIY is always a learning game. There will be mistakes in the process, but usually, they’re moments for growth and for accepting the imperfectly perfect beauty of creating.”


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