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Storage Lockers in Bold Colors for the Home from Mustard Made

When sisters Becca and Jess Stern decided to go into business together, they had a singular mission: to elevate the humble storage locker. They discovered their niche thanks to Becca’s love of utilitarian vintage designs and need for practical storage. To make lockers that are useful all over the house, they came up with a range of five sizes and cast them all in a palette of 10 head-turning colors

Becca lives in Newcastle, Australia, and Jess in London, where the two grew up, and their company, Mustard Made, first launched in Australia, the UK, and Europe in 2018. It’s newly available in the US. Here’s a sampling, no combinations to memorize.

mustard made
Above: Mustard Made’s repertoire ranges from The Skinny, $329, modeled after high school lockers everywhere, to the Shorty, $169, used here as a desk cabinet. The lockers are currently available only from Mustard Made’s online shop (retailers to come soon). They’re flat-packed for easy shipping, so there’s assembly required (see the step-by-step instructions and videos on the site).
designed to fit inside the lockers, the baskets are $59 for a trio (one big, t 10
Above: Designed to fit inside the lockers, The Baskets are $59 for a trio (one big, two small) and come in all 10 colors: shown here the company’s signature Mustard.
the shorty in ocean, $169, is available with handles on the right, as shown,  11
Above: The Shorty in Ocean, $169, is available with handles on the right, as shown, and on left. Like all Mustard Made lockers, it has adjustable shelves, a hook, a cable hole, and attachment points.

The lockers are manufactured at a family-run factory mainland China, in a city that the sisters describe as “the epicenter of locker production: it’s kinda like buying Champagne from France, they know how to make our products really well and have all the resources locally to make it possible.”

each door comes with two keys, so there
Above: Each door comes with two keys, so there’s a spare. This is The Midi, $369, which can be used as, among other things, a kitchen cupboard, a toy cabinet, and a shoe closet. each door comes with two keys, so thereAbove:  The Skinny lockers, $329 each, can be joined together. Each comes with a removable hanging rail (shown here), four adjustable shelves, and two hooks. For using the lockers as wardrobes, Mustard also sells The Hangers in two styles (adult and kid sizes) and 10 colors.
the shorty, $169, works well as a bedside table. 14
Above: The Shorty, $169, works well as a bedside table.
mustard made
Above: Mustard Made’s founders share a color sense. Becca studied conceptual art in college, and Jess was a corporate buyer before they launched their company.

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