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Step Inside the Fairytale-Ready Office of Hill House Home | Architectural Digest


Hill House Home, famed for its flouncy Nap dress, was founded in 2016, and ever since it’s felt like a community as much as a business, Diamond says. That’s why Barfield Thompson envisioned the office as a clubhouse, beginning with the wowing entry swathed in blue-on-white botanicals. “When people walk in, I want them to be transported. You come off the elevator into a dark hallway, and then you’re in this boudoir,” Diamond says. A riff on a classy ladies’ dressing room of yore—complete with fainting couch, curtained wardrobe, and frilly vanity skirt—this dreamy area is the only one devoid of natural light, providing Barfield Thompson the opportunity to “play with intense color and pattern,” the designer points out.

Inside the design studio, which also stores the fabric library.

Photography courtesy of CeCe Barfield Inc. and Hill House Home

Barfield Thompson referenced Hill House Home’s Pond Floral pattern when designing the studio’s custom wallpaper.

Photography courtesy of CeCe Barfield Inc. and Hill House Home

The majority of Hill House Home’s 24 staff members camp out in the open-plan workspace, which Barfield Thompson washed in a proprietary pale Hill House Home pink and decorated with Diamond’s campaign images. They exude “a fairytale mood,” as Barfield Thompson puts it, so she transformed them into large-scale pieces that resemble fine art.

Diamond, unaccustomed to private offices, often hangs out here with her colleagues, but also has a lair of her own (“I’ve never had a door on my office before, so this is a big moment,” she says) that Barfield Thompson decked out with a palette of pinks, greens, and blues, rounded out by midcentury French furniture and whimsical touches like a Jean Roger ceramic frog planter. Finding synergy between fashion and home design, Barfield Thompson experimented with scale and texture by backdropping the room with a trellis block print that she “blew up” from a Hill House Home dress motif.

In the office kitchen, a breakfast nook hosts frequent snack-fueled gatherings for staff.

Photography courtesy of CeCe Barfield Inc. and Hill House Home

Continuing her fashion and home synergies, Barfield Thompson pulled from a trellis block print featured in Hill House Home’s collection when designing the fabric and wallpaper for Diamond’s “big-girl office.”

Photography courtesy of CeCe Barfield Inc. and Hill House Home


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