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24 February 2022
Contrasting elements fill Imperfecto restaurant in Washington DC by OOAK
24 February 2022

Soul of outdoor: when design meets nature | Architecture | Architonic

Atmosphera combines all this by breaking down all boundaries, in this way "soul of outdoor" is born. Much more than a motto: a design and lifestyle. The soul of things comes from the idea that generates them, but also from the way they are realised: study of materials, attention to detail, optimization of production processes, sustainability and durability of the product. The soul of things becomes beauty in the hands of people who use them and leaf through them to read inside them. The result is the pleasure of enjoying one's own dimension of well-being. A volume that is nothing more than the narration of a long day outdoors, where the living space exceeds the limits of the home, to make room under the sky. Living rooms, contemplative places, dining rooms and workplaces, commercial and public spaces, up to the most intimate corners of houses and their alcoves: a roundup of scenes and atmospheres, rather than objects. Scenes of stories where the protagonists have left traces of their p…

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