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22 April 2023
Rainwater Harvesting 101: Why You Should Try It—And How to Do It
23 April 2023

Smart at the start: the Busch-Jaeger Intelligence Series | News | Architonic


Some day, it will all seem like the most normal thing in the world: Lighting that activates as soon as we enter our home in the evening. Heating systems that know how warm we like it and pre-heat the home while we are still on our way there. It also understands how important it is to reduce fossil-fuel use to reduce emissions that are harmful to the climate, and, in times of increased energy costs, switches off if the windows are open or if we are not present. Roller shutters react independently, whether the sun is out or if it's stormy. And even remotely, we are informed if there are unwanted visitors sneaking around the property – or whether it's just the postman. In short, the smart home combines comfort with energy efficiency and security. We spoke with Prof. Dr. Michael Krödel, Professor of Building Automation and Technology at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, about the basics, potential and longevity of smart applications for the home. In the past, building automatio…


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