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26 February 2022
Architonic’s most-viewed projects of 2021: Office interiors
26 February 2022

Smart and simple but moving | Architecture | Architonic


Life-changing circumstances lead to a new design vision: high-quality and durable designs, as well as intelligent features, dominate. The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior, presented by the German Design Council, are considered the trend barometer for the furnishing industry and developments in interior design. This year's winners' products show how designers are responding to new needs. Reliability, quality, flexibility and simplicity – the design focus in 2022 is particularly on products that fulfill a new demand for the utility value of appliances, furniture and interior design: In recent years, many lifestyles have shifted to digital offerings such as video conferencing, online delivery services or streaming services. Industrial and product design as well as furnishings are also getting progressively smart. Through the use of sensors or remote control via apps, electronic services, internet-based programs and real-time control via cloud computing, social distancing measures can be…


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