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23 February 2022
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Sliding Doors Vs Hinged Doors for Office Use



Doors are an integral part of your office. As obvious as it may sound, the kind of doors you install in your office has an impact on the kind of environment you are trying to build. In certain open-plan offices, there is no need for doors as there are no spaces that incorporate them. While open-plan offices have their advantages, they have proven to create a destructive environment for employees. The need for private spaces within the office requires the installation of doors. This helps create isolated and quiet sections within an office. These private spaces require doors to be essentially private or isolated. What kind of door? That is a whole new area of discussion which we will be discussing in this article. When it comes to office doors which is your best and most convenient option, hinged doors or sliding doors?

Advantages Of Hinged Doors

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We are all well versed with the hinged doors. They are the most common type of door used in our homes and offices. They are effective in creating quiet spaces, sound and light proofing, and draught reduction. In an office environment, hinged glass doors are a common occurrence. They are generally fitted using larger pull handles, transparent panels, and automatic door closers. 

Hinged doors are usually designed to open inwards, however, in order to maximize space, they can also be designed to open outwards. This simple versatility makes the hinged door a common addition in most office spaces. They are durable and have stood the test of time, making them a popular choice.

The only disadvantage of hinged doors is that they can be inconvenient to use for people in wheelchairs. This problem can be solved by using kick plates and larger pull handles. With regard to this specific situation, sliding doors do come in handy and are worth looking into. 

Sliding Doors Advantages

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Owing to their space-saving nature, sliding doors are ideal for small office spaces. They are also convenient to use for people in wheelchairs. They are extremely flexible and space-saving as they can be made to slide into a concealed recess within the wall. They are the best alternative to hinged doors. 

The one thing that stands out about sliding doors is their versatility. They can be easily used to divide a room into two. They help create isolated space even within small offices. These spaces can be used effectively as private offices or as conference rooms. Recessed sliding doors are not a good idea for wet places for the risk of getting damp and distorted, however, they are suitable for most residential and commercial spaces. 

The Right Kind Of Door For Your Office

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Being experts in office space design, our experts can advise you not only on the kind of doors you should install but also the material that will be best suited for your office. Delivering to Central and South Florida, we can optimize your workplace while keeping it aesthetically sound. Visit our website today or call us at +786 557 5017 today.


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