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13 August 2022
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16 August 2022

Six functions of garden water features


With bio-diversity a growing concern for humanity, our collected and personal impact on environmental habitats is now constantly considered. The mammoth task of reversing the trend in urban sprawl, however, is often seen as a problem too big to fix with individual action. But there’s no need to think on such grand scales, to make big differences.

Even small, simple water features like ponds, standalone fountains or birdbaths provide homes, habitats, feeding or breeding grounds for smaller wildlife. Bergmeister Kunstschmiede’s WS1 Fountain depicts how, when installed alongside plants and rocks, bio-diverse environments can be created with ease. By adding water-baed plants like water lettuce and waterlilies, meanwhile, elements of texture and colour can also be applied, attracting both pond life and human activity.


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