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Sijo CLIMA Comforter Review | Apartment Therapy


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Ever since AT’s contributor Jasmine raved about her Sijo Eucalyptus Duvet Insert, I’ve been super curious about the innovative bedding brand. Their mission to give customers a better, more luxe night’s sleep while using materials that are kind to the Earth grabbed my attention, so when I got a chance to test drive their latest comforter that has temperature regulation technology, I was all too eager.

The Sijo CLIMA comforter is part of the brand’s new CLIMA bedding collection, aka their “first-to-market, most advanced fiber technology for temperature-regulation yet.” Sounds like a lot of fancy and scientific words, right? It’s very easy to get swept up in the packaging of it all, but as someone who tests a lot of bedding, this comforter was of special interest to me because I do go from hot to cold very easily in my NYC apartment (thanks to not being the person in charge when the AC disappears for the season and the heat comes on! Yes, somehow, it can get too stuffy in my bedroom in the depths of winter and the quickest solution is to crack the window). And I was very pleased to find out that this piece of smart bedding was all it claimed to be.

When I received my comforter, it was incredibly soft to the touch, on the slimmer side, and looked like a dreamy cloud draped on my bed. (I tried it with and without a duvet cover and they were both equally great options, aesthetically and results-wise.) But the real magic was found within the scientific technology that worked incredibly well to maintain an optimal body temperature during my REM cycle (they define that as between 82 and 89 degrees Fahrenheit). I can sleep both hot and cold, depending on the time of year, and always find myself with an excess of blankets or not nearly enough, but this worked beautifully on its own. I never woke up due to being too hot or cold, as I’m apt to do, I’m confident I’ll be using it all year long!

More neat details on the material, though: The brand’s proprietary CLIMA fibers have the ability to absorb and disperse excess body heat as temperatures rise and drop, in conjunction with sweat-wicking fabrics (a mix of TENCEL lyocell, Mica nylon blend shell, and the CLIMA fiber blend fill). The CLIMA fibers are environmentally sustainable and hypoallergenic via a patented spinning process, plus the lyocell fibers contain plant oil paraffin for a luxe feel. The comforter is also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified and Global Recycling Standards (GRS) Certified.

Even better? Sijo is hosting deals on specific bedding, loungewear, and more all throughout March (aka National Sleep Awareness Month), including 15 percent off of CLIMA bedding with code CLIMA15. Check out some of our other favorite picks from the brand here.

Buy: Sijo CLIMA Comforter, $182.75 (normally $215) with code CLIMA15

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