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Siblings x Fly By Jing Collab Review


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If you’re anything like us, you know that a good candle can totally transform a space, the same way the right condiment can transform a meal. From resort-inspired to baked-good-scented candles, we’re always on the lookout for our new favorite wax to burn. Once we discovered Siblings, a DIY candle mix that can be melted and poured into whatever vessel you like, we were obsessed.

Don’t worry, this iconic collab does not smell of a Hot Pot or Zhong Sauce; instead, it harmoniously blends a citrusy melange with the zesty sharpness of peppercorns and just a slight touch of floral sweetness. The complex fragrance is inspired by Fly By Jing’s Tribute Pepper, a hand-harvested pepper used in loads of Sichuan dishes and described as “tingly, floral, and rare.” With these two innovators at the helm, you can expect this candle to give off a subtle but distinctive aroma — the kind of scent you’ll want to burn all day long.

And you can! All of Siblings’ candles are made from a soy-coconut blend wax that’s sustainable, clean-burning, and proven to have a longer burn time than paraffin, the traditional base used in most candles today. If all of this sounds irresistible to you (trust us, we get it), act now — a collab this special is bound to sell out fast!

Buy: Siblings x Fly By Jing, Warming Tribute Pepper, $26


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