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7 March 2022
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7 March 2022

Showcasing Ukrainian architects and designers


Representing the wealth and depth of Ukrainian talent, interior architect Oksana Dolgopiatova is yet another talented Ukrainian professional with work to boast about in the capital. With a brief to combine classical, industrial, natural and modern elements and styles, the client could have been difficult to please, but Dolgopiatova believes that proportional compositions can connect eclectic multi-layered interiors together.

‘In this living room,’ the architect tells us, ‘we have sort of a horizon, the line 90cm from the floor. It is the height of the fireplace, the tabletop of the kitchen island and the dining table, and the line where we cut the classical white panels on the wall. It is one-third of the full height of the space. This proportion organises the chaos and glues the interior together.’


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