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5 November 2022
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Should You Relocate or Refurbish Your Office?


Scenario: You have decided to adopt new ways of working to be more flexible. The initial adaptations you’ve made to your office were only intended to be short-term and now it’s time to make permanent, long-term design changes to your office.

Many companies have had to adapt their workplaces to allow for new working habits that were driven by the pandemic and now that people are returning to the office, there is an opportunity to innovate. For some businesses, their offices have been designed in a specific way to accommodate certain tasks – offices with lots of individual offices and meeting rooms mean that space is not optimised for a flexible workforce.

The option to refurbish your office will depend on the availability of space because if you have adequate space to change your layout and redesign the way you use your space, then refurbishing your office is a great solution. Trainline refurbished their office to allow them to introduce new ways of working and make their environment better suited to the hybrid model. By taking an extra floor, they were able to restack their office space and optimise their layout to support more flexible workstations as well as improved meeting facilities.

Solution: Implementing new ways of working could be achieved with either a refurbishment or a relocation. If you are making a large-scale change then relocating can present you with a ‘blank slate’ mentally. This can make it easier for people to adopt changes without comparing things to ‘how they used to be.’ If you’re unsure of whether you have enough space in your existing office, then a workplace consultancy programme will help you discover the opportunities within your space.


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