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Should You Choose Herringbone Flooring for Your Home?



When shopping for new flooring, it is always hard to find where to start. Sometimes, you choose a flooring that just does not fit right with your pre-built interior. Therefore, it is always better to give keen attention while buying the flooring, rather than regretting later. 

Nonetheless, if you are searching for that perfect flooring, then wait no more, herringbone flooring is here that can match up with all your flooring criteria. It does not just give you a great look but also quite a few benefits, you should not miss it.   

Moreover, if you’re interested to know more about this flooring, then consider reading this blog post.  In our latest post, we have talked about herringbone flooring, its benefits and styles.

What is herringbone flooring?

Herringbone Flooring for Your Home


Herringbone flooring is actually a parquet flooring style that is made from blocks. These wooden blocks are apparently smaller in size than normal wooden planks. Thus, it allows you to create geometric patterns. Undoubtedly herringbone flooring has to be the most popular parquet flooring style at present. 

Surprisingly, this flooring has been in trend over centuries, it was first discovered in the ancient roman empire around 500 BC, people back then used herringbone style in roadways. But in the 16th century herringbone style made its way into the flooring world. Since then herringbone flooring is holding a strong position in the popularity list. 

The best part about herringbone flooring is, you can use this style not just in your home, but also in the corporate world. It gives you a formal style that can perfectly fit with the corporate environment. 

What are the benefits of herringbone flooring?

Herringbone Flooring for Your Home


Herringbone flooring comes with great benefits, yes you have heard right! In this section we have jotted down some of the most common benefits of this flooring style:

It is durable

Herringbone flooring has an exceptional durability that can last for decades. Once you install this flooring you don’t have to think about re-doing it for at least 30 years. And with proper maintenance it can last for more years. This means you can enjoy this design over years and years with it getting damaged. You must never forget that high durability is essential when you are selecting flooring. Thus, we can assure you if you install herringbone flooring you will not regret your decision.

It give you great look

Herringbone Flooring for Your Home


Not to forget herringbone flooring gives you an aesthetic appeal that can uplift the look of your whole house. Also, it has the ability to make your room look more spacious. This gives you an upper hand to make any small room look bigger. 

It is easy to maintain

While buying flooring we all think about the maintenance that comes right after the installation. Sometimes the maintenance cost much more than the actual price of the flooring. But with herringbone flooring you don’t have to worry about the maintenance. The smooth surface that this flooring has makes it easy to maintain it. 

Due to the smooth surface, it does not accumulate any dirt or dust particles. Thus, you can clean this flooring just with a mop, or broom. In addition, the low maintenance and smooth surface make it an ideal choice for the houses that have pets and young children.  

It is affordable

Herringbone Flooring for Your Home


Herringbone flooring has to be an affordable flooring style. It is not just widely famous for its style but also for the price that will fit anyone’s renovating budget. Also, you must never forget that, the price range also depends on the type of floorboard. If you choose engineered wood floorboard for herringbone flooring, then you can make this style at a much affordable cost.

Are herringbone floorings worthy of the hype?

If you want your interior to leave a mark on your guest’s mind, then you have to be particular about the flooring style. And nothing can match with the style that herringbone flooring provides. If you’re wondering whether it is worth the hype or not, then the most straightforward answer is yes it is worth all the hype. 

Herringbone flooring has the most unique pattern that no other flooring can give you. Yes, it might look similar to chevron flooring but, both the flooring has significantly different appearance. It can make rooms seem larger and attractive and also allows you to bring an elegance to your home. With the durability it has, herringbone flooring has to be a timeless beauty. 

If you think herringbone flooring is expensive, you can go for engineered wood. Choosing engineered wood flooring will cut down its price and give you the exact same look you want within your budget range. 

The bottom line

Herringbone Flooring for Your Home


Before the wrap-up we would like to say that, if you’re an artistic person that knows the beauty then you would definitely choose herringbone flooring. It comes with great benefits that you will not find in other floorings with this price range.  


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