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Seven types of corporate auditorium | News | Architonic


The large company meeting used to be a very seldom gathering, reserved only for special occasions – Christmas parties, annual reports, bonus announcement celebrations. This was partly due to the simple fact that, although mostly happy occasions, they were so darn uncomfortable. Tens if not hundreds of bodies, crammed into the biggest meeting room, or bothering a receptionist with one ear on proceedings and the other still fielding calls. The enforced move to the Zoomspace, however, has allowed the practice to become much more prevalent, more enjoyable and indeed, more useful, with employees often treated to engaging presentations that give them a better understanding of their industry, as well as their company’s – and their own – role within it.

As each <a href="https://www.architonic.com/en/projects/office-facilities/0/5920006/1">workplace</a> moves towards its own hybrid work model, these edutaining meetups could become a thing of the past. By combining their new-found space with…


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