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See How Jen Atkin Transformed Her Kitchen With an Island


Jen Atkin is not just a hairstylist, she is the hairstylist—having worked for the likes of Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, and the entire Kardashian clan (who remain close friends, as you may have seen by now). She is widely popular in the Hollywood scene today, and continues to rise the ranks in all things haircare, as her brand continues to grow. Atkin is also a columnist for Glamour, cofounder of OUAI products, and authored her very first memoir in 2020. Currently, however, the multi-hyphenate entrepreneur has had to take a step back, expecting her second child with husband Mike Rosenthal later this year and currently in the midst of a move. 

In a new video for AD It Yourself, the couple walks us through their kitchen renovation with famed designer Erick Garcia, who shows us the simple transformations he made to make the space a focal point of their charming Los Angeles abode.

Walking into the room initially, they felt that the Shaker-style cabinetry was a little cramped. As minimalists and fans of the Scandinavian aesthetic, Garcia knew many details would have to be simplified.

Although Jen Atkin knew what she wanted stylistically, she let Rosenthal take the charge when it came to utility, noting that he’s the primary chef of the household—except for the coffee station of course, which is a must for her morning routine. Requirements included a more chef-friendly layout, an increase in countertop area, seating added to the kitchen island, and durable materials to withstand the wrath of any infant.

The resulting space is a chic revamp of the original. The cabinetry was simplified with a sleek white wood that uses hidden handles and flush paneling to create a more minimalist aesthetic. Garcia added an array of handmade accessories, each serving a purpose (such as a cutting board gently leaning on the counter to cover two outlets above). In the breakfast nook alongside, simple Scandinavian chairs and a large plant cluster around a circular wooden table to craft a cool yet cozy seating area. Hanging on the walls—what initially appears to be an elegantly framed artwork of the beach—is actually a Samsung Frame TV in disguise. With the ability to choose your display image, or, of course, turn on the TV, it excites the couple as the perfect finishing touch. 

But the hero of it all? The kitchen island. “We wanted to do something beautiful that would ground the space so we decided to go with a soapstone that’s a little bit on the darker side since everything else was going to be on the lighter side,” says Garcia, adding that it creates a bit of “drama.” It’s also a non-porous stain resistant stone that is known to age well. Furthermore, the designer added seating, a series of hidden storage compartments, and hidden outlets all along the bottom. “I can even do my hair here!” Atkins exclaims. So, if you want to single-handedly transform a kitchen into the central space of your household—while keeping a minimalist aesthetic in mind—take some tips from Garcia and don’t forget the power of the island!  


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